Decorated Flip-Flop with colored mother of pearl beads and conus shells.
Eco-ethical fashion and home accessories are created out of up cycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics by working with artisans (mostly women) living in the poor communities across the country.
Capiz shells are bi-valve seashells found in Philippine waters. These shells are hand-picked from the bottom of the sea surrounding the islands.
The shells are molded into shapes, then designs and colors are applied.
Bone china is considered the finest type of porcelain. Its distinctive qualities are its remarkable translucency, exceptional strength and natural high level of whiteness.
Bespoke fans out of unique handmade Filipino fabrics accentuated with singular embellishments.
Fine quality furniture out of local wood.
Handcarved and painted candelabra.
Hand-Crafted Bamboo Sound Amplifier
The Acupressure Mat stimulates the many pressure points in the body, primarily the back. The mat promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation and healing. Regular use of the mat will help in easing problems like backaches, muscle pain and fatigue, and provides an overall sense of well-being.
A case can be chosen so the mat can be kept clean after use and placed as a decorative item on bed or sofa.
k'ness Home decor from the Philippines